Jesse Solomon

Jesse Solomon turned his natural music ability from a young age into a passion. Moving to Hollywood, California to study music at G.I.T (Musicians Institute) at the age of 18, Jesse was able to meet and learn from some of the most high profile names in the music business. Jesse now makes his home in Fort Collins, Colorado. Jesse’s name has been synonymous with some of the most vital and successful bands, musicians, venues, festivals, tv and radio shows and music education this region has known. At the heart of it, Jesse Solomon is a catalyst. He has a profound effect on the people he meets and musicians that he works with. This is best illustrated with the major accomplishments in the music business by his students that have attended his music school, Academy of Guitar, and as a co host with Jennifer Batten's (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) Self Empowerment for the Modern Musician Experience completing a Summer 2015 Tour across the United States.

Currently, Jesse is available for private lessons, Skype and video lessons, clinics, master classes, motivational speaking engagements, band coaching, producing, studio work (guitar, drums), solo shows and is performing with his trio, ManAtomic, in support of the new release, Fingerprints. Featuring Craig Fowler on Bass, Matt Hailey on Drums and Jesse on Guitar.

You can add Author to Jesse's accomplishments. Three for One is a young readers book that was born from a conversation with some new friends made on the road some years back. The idea simmered for awhile before pen hit paper. Once it did; a new angle was taken and the story came to life. A story of friendship, loyalty, dedication and creative discovery.


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